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    Exclusive Agent/Dealer for the great Flexotech Plate Mounting Machinery

    Flexotech is a machine with a very good price / quality ratio. If you are interested in Flexotech Plate Mounting Machinery, please contact Cervitech by email or phone: info@cervitech.nl or +31 513 653366

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    Vacature Technisch Projectmanager

    Als technisch projectmanager realiseer je voor klanten van Cervitech projecten in het technische domein. Cervitech is gespecialiseerd in technische omgevingen zoals flexibele verpakkingen, machinebouw en productiefaciliteiten. Cervitech voert hierbij zowel projecten uit bij de afnemers als bij de [...]

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    Cervitech BV Agent for Relox RTO.

    At 9 June 2016 Cervitech BV signed the offical paperwork for being agent for Relox RTO's in the Benelux.

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  • Cervitech: our promise

    Cervitech takes your Technical Management visions and make them reality - Our focus is on the Bottom Line.
    We achieve successful integration of new technical processes and methods into your organisation. We do not stop until we are confident the new method or process is seamlessly integrated into your organisation and your people are coached properly to maintain it.

    • Specialized Technical Knowledge & Experience
    • Strong (Project) Management and Coaching Methods
    • Extensive Network of Specialized Technical Partners
    • Troubleshoot any Technical Process and/or Partnership
    • Full Product Range in Flexible Packaging


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